Social Video Strategy for Clergy and Congregations

The New Year is a great time to try new strategies! This year I’d love for you to work on harnessing the power of video. In this session I share an overview of how we can use social media video to… • Engage with your community• Facilitate conversation and spiritual exploration online• Advance your justiceContinue reading “Social Video Strategy for Clergy and Congregations”

The Future of Facebook, Congregations, and Meaningful Community

  Does your congregation use Facebook?  If so, you’ll want to watch this Facebook Live discussion on the Future of Facebook, congregations, and meaningful community below.   Make sure to subscribe to email updates so you can join the live conversation! Not on Facebook or just want recordings?  Subscribe to my Youtube Channel. What didContinue reading “The Future of Facebook, Congregations, and Meaningful Community”

Engaging people in congregational life using social media – climate justice example

How can you use social media to engage people in congregational life?  It isn’t by bombarding them with boring cut and pasted invitations to attend! In this excerpt from my weekly live Q&A / office hours in our UU PLANET Community group, I share an example of using social media to engage people with aContinue reading “Engaging people in congregational life using social media – climate justice example”

UU Facebook Advertising Outreach Strategy

In this week’s live chat I discuss Facebook advertising and outreach strategy for Unitarian Universalist congregations.      In this session we explore the outreach potential of Facebook ads, how you might use them for targeted outreach this September / Fall.  We also cover questions submitted by members of our UU Planet Community group in advance. Continue reading “UU Facebook Advertising Outreach Strategy”

New UUA Congregations Reaching Out Toolkit

I’m excited to share the new Congregations Reaching Out Toolkit with you! I’m always sharing great UUA resources, but this one is special. I had the opportunity to work with the UUA Outreach Team on its development. It represents a fantastic collaboration and synthesis of many best practices and recommended outreach strategies. if you are interested in UU growth, outreach, and social media, make sure to share the toolkit with your leadership.

Facebook Changes: What Your UU Congregation Needs to Know

Facebook’s recently announced changes are going to have a huge impact on congregational pages. Here’s a briefing on the changes and why you may want to consider incorporating a congregation-wide Facebook group into your strategy. This is food for thought.   You should talk how to respond with your ministry communications team. Don’t have aContinue reading “Facebook Changes: What Your UU Congregation Needs to Know”

Don’t let ANXIETY and UNCERTAINTY keep people from visiting your congregation

People who are anxious and uncertain are less likely to visit congregations. You can help them eliminate the anxiety and uncertainty by actively doing one thing — ANSWER ALL THEIR QUESTIONS. And you can do it online. Here’s how.