Peter Bowden – screenshot from live Video Ministry Academy session.

Welcome! I’m Unitarian Universalist Ministry & Media consultant, trainer, and coach, Peter Bowden.

I started moving my work online several years ago in response to climate change and the desire to fly less. Today I work with congregation 100% online offering trainings, coaching, keynote speaking, interactive workshops, and a growing collection of free content online.

Featured Training: Learn more about Video Ministry Academy, in session mid-February through mid-March 2021.

What is UU PLANET? “UU PLANET” is the name I use for my Unitarian Universalist specific social media channels and hub for my work with our congregations. As my work has grown to include a range of denominations, religious traditions, and industries, I’m also using the @PeterBowdenLive channels listed below.

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My training and coaching work has grown to include other denominations, nonprofits, and range of innovative leaders. Focusing on spiritual, digital, and congregational life, you may find me on social media at @PeterBowdenLive on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and my podcast.

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I’m powering my online trainings via my new peterbowden.live website. Please visit for new on-demand trainings, videos, blog posts, and free resources!